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​​SiriusXM Radio interview with Tom by Tina Jordan for her show, "Off The Books."

January 6, 2017

VICE interview with SETH FERRANTI How 30 Years in Hollywood Made Me a Good Boss

February 23, 2017
Great Leadership blog post: Here’s a Leadership Hack for 2017: Start finding ways to Invert Control

March 27, 2017

thoughtLEADERS, LLC guest post: Captaining Chaos: How I Navigate the Choppy Waters of Crisis Management in Hollywood

March 30, 2017

LEADx radio interview on iTunes and STITCHER with bestselling author Kevin Kruse.

Also, check out Kevin Kruse’s companion pieces that will post on, Huffington Post,, and Good Men Project.


Upcoming Interview in the June edition of Executive Leadership!

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